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New to Massage?

What should I expect from the first massage therapy visit?

Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out an intake form, use the restroom and have a consultation with your therapist. After asking questions about your goals for the massage session (pain relief, relaxation, etc.), the therapist will leave you alone for you to get undressed to the level of your comfort and get underneath the top sheet and blanket on the massage table. Some clients remove all of their clothing and some prefer to leave on their underwear. If you prefer to keep all of your clothing on, that is absolutely fine. Mention it when you schedule the appointment so we can make some minor adjustments with table setup for your comfort.

After a few minutes, your therapist will knock on the door and ask if your ready for them to reenter. Please give an audible 'yes' or 'not yet' if possible. The therapist will ask if the head rest, table temperature or pillows need to be adjusted to make you comfortable. Please let them know if anything is making your massage uncomfortable. 

Sometime the first massage can seem awkward to clients, so if you feel more comfortable making small talk at the start of the massage, feel free but keep your voice down as other people are receiving massage. Generally most clients focus on their breathing once they get on the table and try to let their minds clear. Sometimes people fall asleep, sometimes people experience a deeply relaxed feeling, sometimes people stay alert and awake the whole session. If you're unsure if what your experiencing is right, ask your therapist and explain the feeling to the best of your ability.

During the initial interview the therapist will ask what areas you'd like for them to avoid. Common areas include; scalp/hair, face, feet, gluteal area, and abdomen/stomach. Feel free to ask for any area to be avoided for any reason. If for some reason the therapist still starts to work on that area, immediately tell them to stop and remind them you asked for them to avoid it.

If at any point you'd like the massage to stop, tell your therapist and they will stop and leave so you may get dressed. If you need to use the restroom during the session, let the therapist know and they will leave the room so you can get dressed enough to get up. During the massage if you experience an itch or need to make adjustments to props or body parts to be more comfortable, feel free. If you are worried about bumping into the therapist or interfering, just let them know; ie. "I have to itch my nose".

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